About us

We are NTCS Energy, a division of NTCS, which was founded in 2001 by Marcel van Dam and Sjef Ramakers.

Originally stemming from KPN International Consultancy, NTCS primarily focused on telecom. However, in 2019, recognising the rapid developments in the energy sector, we made the strategic decision to enter the energy domain. This move allows us to dedicate ourselves to energy-related endeavours, enhancing our ability to deliver exceptional support to our clients.

At NTCS Energy, we specialise in projects for Caribbean energy companies, regulators, and government organisations. Across the Latin America and Caribbean region, we offer a comprehensive range of consultancy, interim, and recruitment services. With a track record of high success rates, we are committed to making significant contributions to developments in the energy sector.

Are you a professional interested in becoming part of our worldwide team? We have interim and project opportunities for professionals in various fields.