Data-Driven Operations, Grid Planning


Belize Electricity Limited

Data-Driven Distribution Grid Study & Training for BEL

Belize Electricity Limited (BEL) and NTCS Energy started a project in 2021 aimed at enhancing the efficiency and resilience of its distribution grid.

The primary objective was to forecast grid reinforcements essential for the next five to ten years while concurrently improving grid planning methodologies. BEL's grid planning team wanted to improve its skills, particularly in PSS Sincal, to execute a comprehensive and data-driven grid analysis. As a result of this project, BEL mitigated distribution losses and voltage drops, and evaluated reinforcement needs related to increased solar integration and electric vehicle charging. The project closed with a comprehensive report that recommended strategic grid reinforcements. BEL's grid planning team took part in a two-week onsite training program, with the goal of improving their expertise in data analytics and grid analytics. BEL's dedicated grid planning team streamlined its grid planning processes by implementing innovative software tools. The training empowered the team to replicate and refine methodologies, ensuring sustained success in future grid planning efforts.