AMI, Smart Grid, Procurement


Belize Electricity Limited

AMI Strategy, Procurement, and Implementation for BEL

In May 2020, NTCS Energy started supporting Belize Electricity Limited (BEL) in the development of a strategy for AMI deployment in Belize. BEL requested us to review their long-term strategy and develop a smart grid strategy to make their business future-proof and modernize their grid operations.

As moving from defining an AMI strategy to a full implementation demands a lot of organizations, we supported BEL’s leadership team and operational managers from defining the strategies up to selecting a suitable solution, technologies, and vendor. We executed a thorough analysis of Belize’s current electricity infrastructure and BEL’s systems and processes. We collaboratively defined the strategy and developed a high-level solution model and business case. The business case included an overview of quantifiable and non-quantifiable benefits on one side and cost components on the other. Finally, we guided BEL throughout the entire procurement process by conducting stakeholder interviews, guiding the Request for Information (RFI/RFQ) and Request for Proposals (RFP) processes, executing high-level assessments of the RFP responses, and supporting the decision process to select a preferred vendor. Now, all arrangements are made to start the AMI deployment in Belize in the very near future.